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The object of this Foundation is the defense of human rights and democratic values, to seek and promote by all possible resources within our reach.

What is happening in Venezuela cannot remain silent, nor can we ignore the transcendence of the events that are taking place in that beloved country.

Since Chavez came to power, the officialist movement (called Chavismo) of attrition and degradation of democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of citizens and the values ​​that identify a political system as a true democracy has not ceased to progress.

The reasons invoked to advance in this drift have been none other than those of the communist dictatorships, let's say it clear, loud and clear. The bourgeois democracy deserves no respect and any method is valid to overthrow it and instead impose a new regime in which power belongs "to the people" and is exercised only for "the people" with dictatorial methods.

The point is that this so-called Bolivarian revolution, of course, does not accompany one lot a of the greatness of the movement promoted by Simon Bolivar, and yes, on the contrary, all the scars of political misery and rampant corruption of the groups that at this moment Dominate the mechanisms of power, from the Presidency of the Nation to the Military Forces.

Precisely since that Presidency of the Nation has been pushing for some time and culminating now with all impunity and it seems that with the support of the Armed Forces, a real coup against the little that remained of democratic institutions and the people of Venezuela.

To do this, those who hold power have not hesitated to stop and torture political opponents, dismantle the judicial power by filling them with people who are more political militants of Chavismo and grateful to him, than judges whose dignity of the function and essence of independence ignore by full. The spectacle of the Supreme Court is repugnant to any jurist with a minimum of respect for the word Justice means. And from there, chain down. To the Attorney General who dares to express her discrepancy, it is clear that she has very little left to be replaced and we may even see her in jail as a political prisoner.

For the dictator and his accomplices there are no limits.

The spectacle of a (falsified) vote for an alleged constituent, a true illegal initiative contrary to every democratic principle, whose sole aim is to annihilate a democratically elected Parliament with a majority of the opposition.

Official voter numbers are false, even as international observers say, and to top it all, according to the international press, voters had to go with the rationing card in hand, which was marked. That is, if you want to continue eating the little we give to you, you have to vote.

This coup d’état has been carried out muzzling the opposition, chasing the opponents in the streets, killing them without blushing in the demonstrations, and as news comes to me, allowing in the city of Caracas and possibly in other parts of the country groups of uncontrolled, like a paramilitary Brown shirts organization, attack the youths in the street at night, kidnap them and nothing is heard from them again.

The number of murders in Venezuela, the product of ordinary criminal violence tolerated by power, or of political origin by well-paid and protected assassins, is the highest in Latin America.
In this orgy of repression, it seems that even a high security prison, called EL DORADO, has been set up in the middle of the jungle and only the most dangerous common criminals go, so that it also welcomes young opponents arrested in the demonstrations.

It is not possible to remain impassive and tolerant in the face of this disaster. There is no reason for some countries ruled by people from the Venezuelan dictator's ideological background to embarrass him. The international community must denounce and punish this coup and protect a population, today a victim not only of the brutality of power, but also of its consequences in the social and economic fabric of the country, in total destruction.
A country rich in means and whose government subjects its population to hunger, lack of supply, violence, insecurity and fear.

It is painfully paradoxical that while in the neighboring country, Colombia, the victim of fifty years of civil war, begins to build peace with a steady pace, in Venezuela are digging the trenches of hatred, and total confrontation; Political persecution and the systematic violation of human rights.
From these pages, I do not want to stop transmitting our solidarity with the Venezuelan people victim of this barbarism and asking all the democratic organizations and international institutions that they indicate with all firmness its opposition and condemns of the Coup d'etat in Venezuela.

Alvaro Gil Robles
August 2017

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